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Video Game Emulators For Ubuntu

Linux up until the past few years has been left out of the emulators market as far as availability luckily this has change and now there are ports of almost every major system emulator including some emulators that are written strictly for the linux operating system, the following site has a nearly complete list of all emulators that are available through the Ubuntu package manager and what repository they are in, The site is also slowly adding source files that can be compiled on any other linux distribution.

The list:

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Converting ps1 Games To Eboots PSX To PSP

Here is our tutorial on how to play your Playstation 1 (PSX/PSOne) games on your PSP. There are two steps to the process.

1. Making a PSX ISO which we will later convert to an eboot (Skip this is you already have a PSX.iso)
2. Converting the ISO to an eboot. And making it look nice

Firstly if you haven’t already made an ISO image of your PSOne Game lets do that. For this example I’m using Resident Evil 2.


In order to convert this Playstation game to an ISO I’m going to use PSone ISO maker. You can also use Nero, Alcohol or an program that can make ISO images. Download Psone ISO maker below:

Download: psone_iso_maker

Note if your PSX disk is NTSC, select NTSC or PAL select PAL. NTSC PSX games will work best when converting to eboots...

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Top 25 Nintendo (NES) Games

Every one has a favorites list of games from their childhood and I’m no different. Being a child of the 80s I played a lot of Nintendo, a whole lot. The following is my top 25 games some are compulsory and some are little gems that just kept me entertained for hours.

25. Bad Dudes.
Bad Dudes

“Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?” Yes, yes I am. This game is on list only because I find the writing humorous. The 80s and 90s were filled with jems just like this, we lived in a world where games didn’t need to be good they just needed to exist and they were made by the boat load.

24. Hogans Ally

Hogans Ally   Hogans Ally was one of the very few games which made use of the light gun, Nintendo was great about coming up with accessories and new play methods but not very good at the time about prov...

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Super Nintendo SNES Emulator For PSP (SNES9x Euphoria)

Snes9x Euphoria is a very fast, portable Super Nintendo emulator. Thanks to Zack for releasing this and it is based off Laxer3a, YoyoFR, and Rukka’s SNES emulation effort.   This version is signed for OFW.  Copy the “Snes9x_Euphoria” directory to PSP/GAME, along with some roms under Snes9x_Euphoria/ROMS.

SNES9x Super Mario World

Download: snes9x euphoria

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MAME Emulator for PSP (Multiple Arcade Machine, MAME4ALL)

One of the operators of has built an installer for the just released PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires . This installer will easily install the files needed to get playing your favorite MAME arcade games. This is for the PSP Slim cfw 3.xx+ All that’s required your end is to point the installer to your PSP memory stick and then copy roms to the rom folder of this installation on your Playstation Portable. Easy as Pie!

A large number of machines including CPS1 CPS2 and Neogeo most notably.

*Credit to TTYMan for making this PSP emulator.

NOTE: This emulator will not function properly on 6.60 PRO 10 CFW, firmwares I know it has functioned on properly are
CFW 6.20 PRO-B9
CFW 6.39 PRO-B7
CFW 6.38ME
If you have run the emulator successfully with out crashes on other firmwares please le...

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Atari Lynx Emulator For PSP (HandyPSP)

The Atari Lynx was Atari’s entrance and exit from the hand held market. While this system was largely overlooked and underdeveloped it did have some fun games in it’s limited line up. You can give a few of these gems a go now through emulation using HandyPSP Lynx emulator.

You will need a lynxboot.img placed in the emulators directory for this emulator to work.

handypsp Batman Returns

Download: handyPSP-0.95.1-1.0

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Neogeo Pocket Color Emulater For PSP (Race! PSP)

is a Neo Geo Pocket and Pocket Color Emulator for the PSP. The latest version is 2.16. Enjoy pocket versions of most all your favorite NEOGEO games in smooth and flawless emulation.

RACE PSP 2.16 What’s New:

Time Rewind feature: map ‘Special: Rewind’ to any PSP button in the Controls menu to enable. See documentation for more information
Save state format has changed: will still read the older save state format, but loading will be slightly slower

Not a new feature, but the documentation now includes a section on how to have load a BIOS ROM file (instead of using the customized hardcoded version)

Official page: RACE! PSP Official site

Save state rom loader game-16

Download: race-2.16-1.0

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Neogeo MVS Emulator for psp (MVSPSP)

Davex has released his unofficial edited version of NJ’s Neo Geo MVS (SNK) arcade emulator. The emulator runs smoothly and with out issue allowing for full enjoyment of your favorite neogeo games with out lag or skipping.

Usage notes:

To successfully use this emulator you will need to extract the mvspsp directory to your psp’s game directory and extract romcnv to your desktop this contains a tool you will need to  generate cache files of your MVS roms. Once you have generated  a cache file from the zipped rom you will need to copy the generated cache game directory into the cache directory with in the emulators directory and then copy the rom into the rom directory. You must have a cache and rom file in almost all cases...

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Nintendo (NES) Emulator for PSP (NesterJ FCEU)

The need to download emulators dedicated to the NES is nearly compulsory; if you have lost the golden age of gaming you can rediscover a real milestone of console history on your PSP. I said emulators because there are many of them as such there is more than one for the psp as well. NesterJ and FCEU.

Nester J has a number of interesting features such as mirror mode and rewind mode which flips the play screen and allows you to “do over” on hard jumps or actions should you fail the first time around respectively, FCEU is very good and it was even recompiled to increase compatibility with games that use MMC Chip (such as FFVII hack, which doesn’t work on NESTERJ).


Nester J Rom Load

Download: NesterJ v113beta2


Download: FCEU v0.3

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Nintendo 64 N64 Emulator for PSP (Daedalusx64)

What is Daedalusx64? It’s an , and with it’s 790th revision, this release brings about much more speed and compatibility then ever before. The N64 was a powerful system in it’s day competing with the Playstation 1.  It was originally believed that the PSP wouldn’t be able to handle emulating the N64 but with a lot of hard work from a number of programmers the project grew legs and really surprised people with it’s functionality and support. While the list of working games is fairly large the project is not yet complete and there are a number of games which don’t work on it. This should not detour you from giving this emulator a go on your PSP when you would like to play your N64 games on the go.

Daedalusx64 is still actively developed at the time of this posting, you can f...

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