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KDE has courted controversy in recent releases. It’s improved now, but it’s far from being perfect. We straps on our goggles, dive into the Plasmoidal soup and dredge up some suggestions for change.

01. Stop adding so many features

KDE needs stability – in both senses of the word. Stop moving things around and concentrate on making it fun to use again.

Stability in terms of it not crashing is a lot better these days, but having things move around with each upgrade is disconcerting.

It’s like when they move the coffee in the supermarket, forcing you to trawl around the shop floor to find the life-enhancing stuff.

02. Easier-to-find configuration options

KDE’s System Settings panel is a huge beast with a lot of separate modules, making finding the right place to change a setting much harder than it would otherwise be. The Search box is a great help, far improved compared to how it used to be, but rather too discreetly tucked away.

There needs to be something else. Perhaps a searchable FAQ built into the program where you click, ‘How do I set up a…’ to go to the correct module.

03. The program names

Do we really need so much help in identifying KDE programs? I mean, kome on, do they have to kall every program by some kontrived moniker that kontains a k somewhere?

You don’t see the other Linux desktop starting every program name with g… Oh, sorry, you do.

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April 26th, 2011

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