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Today we’ll be installing and testing out Solus on the desktop, specifically the ‘Budgie’ flavor of Solus. There are also options to download Solus GNOME or Solus MATE as well. Those can all be downloaded from this page:

Download Solus

Solus is not based on another distro and is written from scratch. It uses a rolling release model, which they moved to after previously using point versions.

When first booting the disk, you are immediately presented with a live desktop.

At the top, there are four icons: Install OS, Firefox, Hex Chat, Gnome MPV and Rythmbox music player. Clicking the ‘Install OS’ button, you are given an installation screen where you choose the installer, your language, location settings, keyboard layout, time and all the usual installation stuff. It also gives you a chance to configure your disk for the install.

Then kick back and have a beer while the OS installs.

After rebooting, you’re first given Solus styled grub listing.

Then you are presented with the Budgie login screen.

The first thing I noticed was the red bell icon that was signifying that there was an unseen notification. Clicking it gives a MacOS-ish notification slide out where you can switch between notifications and ‘Applets’.

The application launcher at the top left corner provides access to the reasonable amount of applications that come preinstalled.





Sound & Video:


System Tools:

There’s also a tweak tool available that allows to easily change the theme, which there are a few included.

Adwaita (Default):




High Contrast:

There’s also a ‘Global Dark Theme’ in the settings, however when I tested it out it didn’t seems to change anything.

The lock screen also immediately makes me think of Gnome:

Another selling point of Solus is it’s software center, which is very snappy compared to others I’ve tried in the past.

First impressions:

This is my first time using Solus, and am impressed at the ease of installation. I like the budgie desktop. it looks clean, it seems responsive and I may be giving it a try on my Ubuntu install on my daily computer. I also like the idea of rolling releases and the development on it seems solid, so I may be testing this out a little more real soon.

Have you tried Solus or do you run it daily? Have you had any good or bad experiences with it?

July 3rd, 2017

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