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A new stable Cairo Dock version – 2.3.0 -, has been released today, bringing a lot of new applets, improvements for some already existing applets and better Compiz and Kwin integration.

Note: if you’ve been using Cairo Dock from the unstable PPA, you already know most of these features (we’ve actually posted about some of them already).

Here’s what’s new in Cairo Dock 2.3.0:
A new “Recent Events” applet lets you easily browse recent files such as documents, audio and video files, websites and so on thanks to Zeitgeist. The new applet also has a search and looks a lot like Sezen. Click for a screenshot.

New applets: Transmission, Deluge, MintMenu, Translator, Quote of the day, etc. You can install those from the GLX Dock Applets repository – to install an applet, drag and drop the applet link from the browser to Cairo Dock.

System-Monitor applet can now monitor CPU temperature and fan speed

The Logout applet now warns you when the computer needs to be restarted.

The Drop and Share applet now handles UbuntuOne (also works with Dropbox)

Better integration with Compiz and Kwin.

The Stack applet now displays the web page’s favicon.

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April 20th, 2011

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