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Only a few weeks after Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s biggest change ever-the release of the Unity-based Ubuntu 11.04 Linux–the company’s CTO, Matt Zimmerman is leaving the company.

In a blog posting, Zimmerman wrote, “I joined Canonical in June of 2004 as a member of the founding team, before we even had a name for the company. In June 2011, after just over seven years as Ubuntu CTO, I will be leaving Canonical in search of new challenges.”

Zimmerman is leaving on good terms. Indeed, he wrote, “I intend to remain involved in the Ubuntu community, retaining my elected position on the governing Technical Board, and perhaps to make the occasional technical contribution as a volunteer.” Gerry Carr, Canonical’s product manager, told me, that “We wish him all the best. Personally and professionally he has been inspirational for Ubuntu and for all of us.”

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May 6th, 2011

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