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CentOS 5.6 Features

* Built on the stable core of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6
* The CentOS package selection focuses on stable and tested packages, which means less bleeding edge updates, but guaranteed stability.
* Excellent server solutions including Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba, Postfix and others.
* Now there is full support for EXT4 file systems also.
* Choose to install Gnome 2.16 or KDE 3.5.4 as your default interface and get all the included packages. Or install both and decide when you login.
* Add virtualization packages when installing so you can run multiple guest operating systems simultaneously on the same server.
* Use Yum or the RPM package manager to install additional software.
* Very useful backup and encryption tools available to keep your system secure.
* Lots of documentation that will help you solve any problems that you might have.
* Enjoy the security of SELinux which has been significantly enhanced in recent versions.

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April 17th, 2011

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