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Here is our tutorial on how to play your Playstation 1 (PSX/PSOne) games on your PSP. There are two steps to the process.

1. Making a PSX ISO which we will later convert to an eboot (Skip this is you already have a PSX.iso)
2. Converting the ISO to an eboot. And making it look nice

Firstly if you haven’t already made an ISO image of your PSOne Game lets do that. For this example I’m using Resident Evil 2.


In order to convert this Playstation game to an ISO I’m going to use PSone ISO maker. You can also use Nero, Alcohol or an program that can make ISO images. Download Psone ISO maker below:

Download: psone_iso_maker

Note if your PSX disk is NTSC, select NTSC or PAL select PAL. NTSC PSX games will work best when converting to eboots.  (Alot of disk drives might have errors extracting the files or even reading the disk.) Hopefully this wont be an issue!

Wait for the PSOne ISO Maker to extract the image. It can take some time so please be patient. Now we have a Playstation image (.IMG and .CCD files) lets move on to converting this to an eboot which can be use on your PSP.

We are going to use PSX2PSP to make our Eboot.PBP. Download that below:

Download: PSX2PSP_v.1.4.2

1. Load the PSX_GAME_Title .IMG you just make or another PSX image you have.

2. Select the output for the Eboot

3. Insert the title of the game here

4. The game ID. This is found on the PsOne disk.  Or find it on our PSX Game ID list.

If you want a nice looking PSX2PSP eboot you can customize the images used. To do this click on the customize tab in PSX2PSP.


Above: I have added some custom images to my Resident Evil eboot. This way it looks much more professional. If your looking for icons and backgrounds for almost every American NTSC game I recommend this PSP2PSX Icon pack ->

If you download and extract files to “.\pics\pic1\” most games from USA will show the game cover as shown below.
Megaupload link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XMJE8ZWN
The icon pack contains 1400 icons and is about 150MB.

Now you have the eboot looking good you can preview it by clicking the arrow tabs in PSX2PSP.

Preview your PSX Eboot in PSX2PSP

Preview your PSX Eboot in PSX2PSP

Once your happy with the Eboot preview, click the convert menu again and then convert. (Note if your making a Eboot from a PAL PSX game, please go to options and patches. Apply the PAL2NTSC patches) Once the PSX2PSP have finished making the eboot place the folder (example SLUSXXXXX) in your PSP memory stick \PSP\GAME. Start your PSP and launch the game from the XMB game menu.


March 21st, 2013

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