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CTKArch is a distribution, or perhaps more a spin, based on Arch Linux that is using Openbox as default window manager. It’s minimal in size, if you believe that anything under CD size is minimal these days, and seems to be designed first and foremost to run from CD or USB as a live system, so it has a lot in common with ArchBang. Only a few days ago, 7th April, v. 0.7 was released into the wilderness of the Linux distribution jungle. I had toyed with 0.6 on and off for a few weeks and thus am in the position to make a few observations.

CTKArch has only recently been added to the Distrowatch.com list of active distributions, and has also received a major revamp of its website to go hand in hand with the 0.7 release. Actually, it is so much in keeping with the ‘Arch style’ of design that I was at first confused whether I am on the Arch, ArchBang or CTK site.
It includes a text-based system installer, support for a number of popular file systems, and out-of-the-box support for English and French languages. Development is somewhat slower than with ArchBang, which is not surprising considering that the guy behind it, Calimero, also works on Arch Hurd, a port to the Hurd kernel, but CTKArch actually predates ArchBang as a project. You can read more about author and philosophy here. The forum (also in French and English) is mildly active based on the number of topics, members and posts, but the developer responds in person.
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April 26th, 2011

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