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This is a very all-around emulator, capable of emulating lots of consoles such as Master System, Game Boy (even Super Gameboy and Game Boy Color) and Game Gear. It’s a must-have for every Memory Stick; except its modularity it is also an emulator with interesting characteristics; for example it is capable of bringing back to life the games of the old Game Boy recolouring them. We are not talking about colours chosen among a palette but the emulator will colour every object giving new life to the still-enjoyable games of the little and everlasting Game Boy. It still has a few problems with GameGear games but it is nearly perfect for the rest, capable of giving a full-speed emulation of GB and Master System titles.

Until the v2.02 it was developed by Brunni, the original author of the project, but after its abandonment, it was updated by other coders. the last available release is the 3.0 created by Genesis Vids, which changed the name of the project from MasterBoy to EmuMaster.



Download: EmuMaster V3.00 Final

March 20th, 2013

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