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Gist, a Pastebin-type service from Github, is really useful and powerful for folks who like to collaborate using git. Vim users can “kick it up a notch,” with the Gist.vim script for Vim.

If you’re working on text that you’d like to post to Gist or you want to work on text that’s already on Gist, you can do so without leaving Vim or disrupting your workflow.

To get started, grab the script (gist.vim) and copy it to your ~/.vim/plugin directory. You’ll also need a Gist account and configure git with your account details. You’ll need your username and your Github token. You can find the token under Account Settings -> Account Admin. You can configure the account details a few ways; I prefer to use the git configuration:

git config –global github.user username
git config –global github.token token

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April 19th, 2011

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