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I wanted to experience the thrill of browsing anonymously, or to a navigation system that does not easily reveal the information on the connection you use. The choice of which software to use is gone on Tor, but only because it is the most famous. Personally, I proceeded to download the latest version of TOR available for my GNU/Linux directly from its site.

Tor, as program in itself, is a command line program. Installing it, it adds itself at the services that the Linux will start automatically at every boot.

But I like the easy things, and with Linux they often are so. In this case, the easiest way for me to use Tor is the use of a graphical front-end. For this purpose we will use Vidalia, which is based on the Qt graphics libraries vers. 4, while we know that Gnome 2 is based on Gtk. But patience, that’s okay.

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April 27th, 2011

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