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Ubuntu – Disable Super key (windows key) Application Launcher

If you are a gamer and play most of your games on a laptop running Ubuntu 11.xx + you might have run into the same issues I have regarding keyboard hot keys by accidentally hitting the super key(windows key) causing your game to minimize or behave in a less then preferable way.

The solution to this is to disable the super key (windows key) using compiz.

  1. Install the compizconfig-settings-managerInstall compizconfig-settings-manager package.
  2. Hit Alt+F2, type about:config and hit Enter to open the Unity configuration.
  3. Change or disable the shortcut for Key to show the launcher as you like to free your Super key:compiz
    compiz2 By selecting the super key(windows key) you can effectively disable it or change the key combination that is used to open the program launcher.



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