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The Linux Mint team, led by Clement Lefebvre, has released a Linux Mint Xfce edition for 32- and 64-bit based not on Ubuntu but on Debian Testing.

The post says that this Xfce spin is a good alternative for those who aren’t eager to move from GNOME 2.x to GNOME 3/GNOME Shell. And it’s based on Debian. (Did I say that already?)

Also included are a FAQ-like array of answers from Clem on the direction of Mint and what’s going to happen with both the Ubuntu- and Debian-based releases.

I say the same thing I usually say about Mint in all forms: I want/need/have-to-have encryption available in the installer, either fully encrypted LVM like in the Debian installer (and the Ubuntu alternate installer), or encrypted /home and /swap like in the main Ubuntu installer. However they can do it, that’s what I want.

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April 14th, 2011

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