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We all want it: remote wipe for our phones. Can we do it through terrific apps like Lookout? Of course we can – and we do! But, sometimes we need a little extra help… like to wipe our device automatically when it gets into the wrong hands. How about a device wipe after too many wrong password guesses from the lockscreen? Or after receiving a special password via text? Or how about after the SIM card is changed (my personal favorite)!?

Well, thanks to the genius minds over at XDA (who else?), we now can say “yea… my phone does”. The app is called Autowipe, and – while not new to the community, it has been out since July of 2010 – is now complete with a test mode, allowing users to test out functionality without, you know…. killing everything on your phone.

Be sure to hit the source link below to check out the full thread at XDA. Was there ever a time you could have used autowipe? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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New Android app “autowipe” clears your phone data before you get a chance to forget to

April 13th, 2011

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