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What is Daedalusx64? It’s an , and with it’s 790th revision, this release brings about much more speed and compatibility then ever before. The N64 was a powerful system in it’s day competing with the Playstation 1.  It was originally believed that the PSP wouldn’t be able to handle emulating the N64 but with a lot of hard work from a number of programmers the project grew legs and really surprised people with it’s functionality and support. While the list of working games is fairly large the project is not yet complete and there are a number of games which don’t work on it. This should not detour you from giving this emulator a go on your PSP when you would like to play your N64 games on the go.

Daedalusx64 is still actively developed at the time of this posting, you can find more information regarding this project including general support at their homepage.

Homepage: http://forums.daedalusx64.com/

Game Compatibility list: http://forums.daedalusx64.com/compat.php


Download: DaedalusX64 R790

March 20th, 2013

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