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The need to download emulators dedicated to the NES is nearly compulsory; if you have lost the golden age of gaming you can rediscover a real milestone of console history on your PSP. I said emulators because there are many of them as such there is more than one for the psp as well. NesterJ and FCEU.

Nester J has a number of interesting features such as mirror mode and rewind mode which flips the play screen and allows you to “do over” on hard jumps or actions should you fail the first time around respectively, FCEU is very good and it was even recompiled to increase compatibility with games that use MMC Chip (such as FFVII hack, which doesn’t work on NESTERJ).


Nester J Rom Load

Download: NesterJ v113beta2


Download: FCEU v0.3

March 20th, 2013

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