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We here at RandomLinux.com like to make things easy for users, so we created this script to make it easy to recover your WordPress dashboard password if you have lost it and are not able to recover it.  Head over to our forum and give it a try and give us some feedback.  Feature requests welcome!

Check out the forum post here:

Post to WordPress Password Changer

And you can download the file here:


“This script was made to simplify recovering your WordPress dashboard password for any user from the command line. To use this, all you will need to know is the path to the folder that WordPress is installed in and all you have to do is input your new password and select the username to change and it’s done! This is only the first version of this script and will be updating it. We would love to have some feedback on this, so feel free to give me any criticism on it as well as any features you would like to see.

There are a few ways to get and use this file. The first way is by using wget from the command line. You can download, set the correct permssions and run the script by copying and pasting this line to the command line on your server:

wget https://randomlinux.com/scripts/wppw.sh ; chmod 755 wppw.sh ; ./wppw.sh

You can also just download the file and run it manually.

1) Download the file here.
2) Use an FTP client to upload the file to the desired place on your server.
3) Log into your server with SSH and run the script, using something like the following command
sh /path/to/wppw.sh
4) Follow the prompts and change your password.
5) Login to your WordPress Dashboard!

If this helps out, feel free to go to our home page and click and ad to thank us :D
Any features that are suggested will be added in as quickly as possible, so let me know what would make it better!

Upcoming features:
* Web-based GUI for easy use
* More”


January 30th, 2011

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