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Red Hat introduced two new cloud products – CloudForms and OpenShift — at its annual summit Wednesday.

CloudForms, which is based upon the company-sponsored DeltaCloud project that is now part of Apache– offer sophisticated resource management, application deployment services and Infrastructure-as a Service offerings that help IT adminstrators implement private and hybrid clouds.

The platform consists of a cloud engine for high level automation and abstraction services across multiple virtualization hypervisors and virtualized clusters, an application engine and system engine for comprehensive application lifecycle management across multiple cloud providers and various Infrastucture -as-a-Service offerings including storage, messaging and high availability services. It incorporates the next generation Red Hat Satellite offering for cloud management and monitoring.

Users can, for example, write automation scripts and applications to multiple providers using DeltaCloud APIs. This allows for portability across the entire cloud ecosystem, the company promised.

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May 4th, 2011

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