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The ability to scale out to third-party vendors without worrying about vendor lock-in, as well as the ability to move virtual workloads between different environments, are benefits of open application programming interfaces (APIs) that Red Hat has been espousing for a while now.

Dirk Peter van Leeuwen, the open source software vendor’s Asia-Pacific vice president of sales, shared that Red Hat’s Linux-based systems currently power the cloud platforms of vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), NTT, Fujitsu and IBM. With APIs that straddle these cloud infrastructure providers, van Leeuwen said customers need not worry about finding compatible cloud vendors to scale out to when they run out of resources.

During a recent interview with ZDNet Asia, he also pointed to the company’s Deltacloud project which was initiated in September 2009 as another tool that will help meet companies’ needs in terms of having an interoperable cloud environment. The project aims to foster an “ecosystem of developers, tools, scripts and applications which can interoperate across both public and private clouds”.

Red Hat is currently one of the group’s main sponsors but does not drive its development, van Leeuwen revealed.

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May 9th, 2011

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