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Red Hat is preparing to release a major upgrade of its KVM-based virtualization server — the first without the strange Windows server requirement — in late 2011, execs said at Red Hat Summit.

Chuck Dubuque, a Red Hat product marketing manager, said Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 is expected to move into beta testing later this summer.

The enhanced virtualization server will offer significant scalability and performance improvements over the existing RHEV for Servers 2.2 , such as support for 4,096 host cores, support for 64 terabytes of host memory, support for 32 or 64 guest CPUs, support for 1 terabyte of guest memory and support for 200 host clusters.

RHEV 2.2 today supports 192 host cores, one terabyte of host memory, support for up to 16 guest CPUs, support for 256 gigabytes of guest memory and support for 100 hosts per cluster. RHEV 2.2 –which introduced support for desktop virtualization — was released last year. The first server shipped in 2009.

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May 5th, 2011

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