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We don’t usually write articles about rooting or jailbreaking phones and tablets but this particular model was hard to find any information on the system and what firmware it uses.

This method should work on most any tablet , phone or netbook using Wondermedias wm8850 processor. First what we’re going to do is identify the model of your tablet or netbook. To do this download  wonder media analyzer to your phone/tablet/netbook. Before running the analyzer make sure you have a SD card inserted and mounted. When you run the analyzer it will generate a file in the root of your SD card with all of the device configuration. What we are looking for is the model type this should be at the top of the report.


In this case the wm8850 netbook is model pid10_8199 with that information check to see if your model is supported (Most 8850 devices are at this point). Once you have confirmed your device is in the supported list we’rewgoing to download and run uberoid which will root your phone/tablet/netbook and install an updated firmware. Download 8850_Univeral_Uberoid and extract the Firmwareinstall directory and wmt_scriptcmd to the root of your SD card.

Now that we have the firmware we need to change a few configurations to make it update the right firmware for your device. Open the Firmwareinstall/config directory. Find the file that starts with “+” and rename it with out the “+” for example “+testfirmware.bla” to “testfirmware.bla”, afer you have changed that file locate the file with your model number and add “+” to it. In my case PID10_8199.fwc to +PID10_8199.fwc.  Open the file and make sure it has all of the appropriate entries in <cmd> that were in the model.txt file. Add any that aren’t present, sometimes you will need to add “<cmd>setenv wmt.gpo.wifi 6:1:6:0xD8110040:0xD8110080:0xD81100C0</cmd>” as it is missing in some firmwares. You may also want to edit settings_remove line to not include developer_options and tethering which will give you access to them.

Once you’ve made all the necessary changes reboot your tablet/phone/netbook, remember to keep the SD card in your system when you reboot, so it will load the firmware update. Once it has completed installing remove the SD card and it will reboot. If every thing was done correctly you should be rooted and firmware updated.

April 21st, 2014

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