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If you’re like me and a large majority of computer/tech geeks, its not enough to have the sweetest gadget and they can’t be given the full stamp of approval unless you can install linux on it.   Over the past few years there hasve been several projects aimed at doing just that. Those projects ultimately turned into two virtual machine softwares which you can use to use a emiulate a virtual disk image which doesn’t require root , Alternativeluy several Linux “installers” have been deveoped which mounts an image deisnged for arm processors natively (This method does require root and and a kernel that supports loop )this along with several prebuilt distro disk images and you are ready to go.

The two virtual machine softares are based on qemu at their cores including support for other popular VM images. Limbo x86 emulator is the more feature rich of the two softwares allowing you to configure what processor type will be used, how much ram, howmany cpu core the list goes on, unfortunately limbo is nolonger maintained and the software was removed from source forge luckily I was able to find a copy You can download limbo from www.4shared.com/get/T0r0EUFO/limbo_pc_emulator__qemu_x86__0.html

The second of the two softwares is named :windows, linux,unix emulator” this app can be downloaded from the  google play store. which is a light weight no frills implementation of a the quem  virtual machine . You can find many pre-built disk images at the following address sourceforge.com/projects/linux/android/files The virtual machines are not limited to running linux images if you have a qemu, vmware  or boches images of a legacy windows installation you can use that too.

If you have a rooted that has loop support Android device I would recommend using one of the linux installers that can be found in the google play store. Instead of emulating a virtual machine it will basically run the linux image natively and then you would use a vnc applicatioon to connect to the xserver instance. Complete linux installer is free to use but does have more options if you purchase a key by donating.

April 19th, 2014

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