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There is no doubt that Android is the fastest growing mobile OS in the world. A lot of people are migrating from other operating systems to Android. Most of these people are Symbian and BlackBerry users. Both these types of users face problems with Android because they are moving from a non-touchscreen to touchscreen device. As most of you may know, most BlackBerry and Nokia devices come with a QWERTY keyboard with hardware keys for navigation across the OS. This could make the adjustment difficult.

However, there’s still a solution for this problem. If you live in UK, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Pro from Three UK. It will give you the feeling of using Android on a BlackBerry/Nokia like device. The phone is not that high-end and it features some pretty basic specs, such as a 2.8-inch 320×240 resolution display, QWERTY portrait keyboard, 800MHz processor and 512MB of storage. The device is running on Android 2.2, so I think, overall, this device is good for the average user. It’s available for £149 on PAYG plans. You can also get it for free on a 2 year contract by paying at least £27 a month for service. Check out more details here.

Anyone interested?

Source: Phandroid

Samsung Galaxy Pro Hits Three UK originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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April 13th, 2011

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