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Sony Ericsson announced today that they have launched a dedicated app channel for their handsets.  Available now, the company will replace the “My Apps” link found on the home page of the Android Market with “Sony Ericsson”.  This won’t completely remove the “My App” section completely, it will be hidden behind the menu button.

Starting out, the Sony Ericsson channel will be used to recommend the best games and apps that enhance the experience.  Looking at the pictures from Sony Ericsson’s blog, it appears that all apps listed so far are created by Sony Ericsson, including their original Timecape stuff.  The channel will also occasionally offer exclusive apps and games for handsets that feature this option although the details here are light.

Bear in mind that this is carrier dependent feature meaning it’s not guaranteed that your provider won’t  showcase their apps instead.  Have any of you AT&T customers using an Xperia X10 able to see the new channel?

Are there any other handset makers you’d like to see get involved with creating their own channels?


Sony Ericsson Launches Dedicated App Channel originally appeared on AndroidGuys.

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April 13th, 2011

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