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Toorox is a Gentoo-based installable live CD that features your choice of KDE or GNOME desktops. It comes with lots of useful applications including system configuration tools, easy package management, and proprietary code installers.

Toorox is sometimes compared to another Gentoo-based distribution, Sabayon. This comparison may be legitimate on the surface, but differences emerge when looking deeper. Sabayon is indeed based on Gentoo as Toorox, but Sabayon is primarily a binary distribution. Package installation almost always involves installing binary Sabayon packages. While this is convenient and often preferred, Toorox compiles and install software from Gentoo sources. Toorox begins life on your computer as a binary installation with all its advantages, such as fast, easy, and ready at boot, but subsequent package installation compiles source packages. So Toorox is perfect for users that would like a source-based distribution, but don’t want the initial time and effort investment. Either over time or with a all-at-once effort, one can fairly easily transform Toorox to a full source install.

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April 26th, 2011

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