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In the “It’s About Time” department, Sprint is rolling out the capability to buy Android apps and charge them to your phone bill. We’ve seen a couple of other carriers moving this way already (come on Big Red, catch up!), and as a Sprint subscriber, I’m happy to see them jumping on board. According to Android Central, Sprint is rolling this capability out presently, and all Sprint customers should have the option available to them by tomorrow. This is a smart move for Sprint, who seems to be embracing Android fully. Their release of the “pure Android experience” Nexus S seems to indicate that they’re going all in…which is smart, since Verizon has a penchant for locking bootloaders and AT&T tends to disallow sideloading. After the AT&T/T-Mobile acquisition, Sprint may be able to really assert itself as the carrier of choice for Android devs and enthusiasts…and it’ll need that, should the acquisition go through and it finds itself in a distant 3rd in the US cellular marketplace. Announcement after the break.
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Sprint Brings Carrier Billing to Android Market

April 13th, 2011

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