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Novell’s new Spacewalk-based SUSE Manager 1.2 deserves points for its support of both SUSE and Red Hat enterprise Linux flavors, says this eWEEK review. But, author Jason Brooks adds, while the server management tool makes sense for users coming from a Linux perspective, it suffers from some configuration hiccups, due in part to the challenge of integrating two different distributions.

Novell’s SUSE Manager 1.2 provides users of the company’s enterprise-oriented Linux-based operating systems with a server-management tool built from the ground up with Linux in mind.
SUSE Manager, which began shipping in March, is based on Spacewalk 1.3, an open source project born out of Red Hat’s own server-management product, Satellite, whose code Red Hat freed in 2008.

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May 6th, 2011

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