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If you’ve been paying attention over the past couple of months you’ll know that tablet PCs are big business. You’ve probably even played with an iPad if you’ve ventured into any of the many hardware retailers in your local mall.

Everyone loves the idea of a tablet PC. They’re ultra-portable, super attractive and sometimes even small enough to fit into your pocket or a small bag. What’s not to love about something that does most of the work of a laptop but doesn’t take up much more space than a large cellphone?

If you’ve only being paying a little bit of attention over the past couple of months you might also assume that Apple’s iPad is the only tablet PC available. A bit like the iPod is the only digital music player available. The reality is that there are a stream of tablet PCs heading the consumers way in the coming months. So, before you rush out and buy an iPad here’s a wrap of the tablet PC options available:

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April 27th, 2011

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