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Ars: Red Hat engineer Gavin King, the creator of Hibernate, is developing a new programming language for enterprise software development. His team at Red Hat has apparently been working on the grammar in secrecy for two years and is finally opening it up for scrutiny.

The new language, which is called Ceylon, is intended to remedy what King views as fundamental shortcomings of the Java programming language. It’s more succinct and expressive but is designed to be easy to read and learn. It will run on existing Java virtual machines and draws on many of Java strengths while addressing some key limitations.

Ceylon was introduced at a conference in Beijing this month as an early preview. King’s conference slides, which are available for download from his website, offer a glimpse into the rationale behind the language and some of its syntactic characteristics. Although the slides give a good sense of Ceylon’s flavor, there are still a lot of specific details that aren’t available yet.

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April 17th, 2011

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