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Right now I am at a loss as what to think of Unity, Ubuntu’s new desktop interface.

Like many long-time Ubuntu fans I was eagerly awaiting Ubuntu Natty, the latest release of Ubuntu. Most of all I wanted to try out Unity, the new interface that Mark Shuttleworth has been promoting as the next big step forward for Ubuntu Linux. I’d tried various versions of Unity during its development but was mostly disappointed, a fact I put down to it being early testing software. When Natty was released Unity would so much better, I rationalised.

So when the big day came I was ready. I opted for an upgrade, something I nearly never do. Usually I take the slightly longer route of a clean install.

With perfect hindsight that was my first major mistake. It was time consuming, it broke all manner of things and it prompted me to “fiddle” with things to make it all better – and obviously the fiddling compounded the problems.

I now have everything fixed (or mostly) and I am running Unity on my desktop. So was it worth all the effort?

This is where I’m not really sure. I get the idea behind Unity, with its streamlined desktop, and there are certain features I appreciate – and yet, it still feels too buggy to make me really like it.

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May 3rd, 2011

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