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If you’ve ever missed an important IRC discussion because you happened to be between home and the office at just the wrong time, or if you regularly log on from a number of different locations and don’t like juggling multiple IRC nicks, then you need an IRC proxy. The leading open source IRC proxy is Bip, a GPLv2 utility that is provided as a standard offering by most Linux distributions. This weekend, let’s set up Bip and stop missing important discussions!

What’s an IRC proxy, anyway? An IRC proxy is a small application that you can leave running on a machine with constant Internet access, such as a server. It connects to the IRC networks, and you connect to the proxy — either from the local machine or over a remote connection. To others on your IRC channel, you always appear available, and maintain the name nick. Meanwhile, you can disconnect from one location, then reconnect from another, and the proxy will replay all of the messages you missed in between. Let’s set it up!

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April 23rd, 2011

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