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Wine – No sound/garbled sound ubuntu 11.XX + 32 bit / 64 bit

Having trouble with sound not playing properly (sounding garbled or staticy) or have no sound at all when using wine? There are two  solutions which should resolve this issue for you quickly.

The first is using winetricks to change your sound driver to ASLA rather than using the default pulse audio drivers.

winetricksFrom the application launcher open winetricks, if you do not have winetricks installed you can do so quickly using the ubuntu software center or the SynapticPackage Manager.





defaultOnce you have opened winetricks select the default prefix or the prefix of whichever virtual instance you are having sound issues with.





changesettingsOnce you have selected the prefix you need to change select “change settings” from the menu and a list of configurable settings will be displayed.





alsaOnce the settings menu comes up you are going to scroll down until you find the setting “sound=alsa” select this and click “Ok”. Your sound should now be working and clear.





Another way to resolve this sound issue is to install ia32-libs and ia32-libs-multiarch through synaptic package manager. These two packages will also update a number of packages relating to pulse sound. Once you have installed these packages you will need to reboot to load the new libraries. It is important that you reboot and not just log out. Logging out will not load the updated libraries.

Once rebooted your sound should be working properly in wine.

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